The Actual Cost of Getting Sick

Published: 22:02 PM, January 25, 2019
The Actual Cost of Getting Sick

You may think it’s no big deal, but getting sick frequently could be costing you more than you thought. There are other hidden, indirect costs that go with it, which can amount to way more if you keep ignoring your health problems.


The amount you spend on pills and tabs to relieve your fever, cough, and colds tends to increase the more you get sick. It may not seem like much at first glance, since they cost around 5 to 10 pesos a piece, but you could actually end up spending 10-20 times that amount per month if you get sick frequently.

Productivity Loss

You may not be missing a day of work but clocking in sick could still greatly affect your productivity. Sickness affects your focus and energy, which then causes you to do less work or lowers the quality of your work. Although not a direct monetary expense, the loss in productivity could have major repercussions.

Missing a Day of Work

When the sickness gets too tough, you’ll definitely need to stay at home for rest. Once you use up all your sick leaves, missing a day at work will lose you a day’s worth of salary—not to mention all the work that piles up and major events you can end up missing if you keep getting sick.

Visits to the Doctor

Doctor’s checkups and consultations, although necessary, can get quite expensive. And if your recurring sickness turns out to be a lot worse, the hospitalisation fees could immediately blow up the costs.

Instead of dealing with sickness when it happens, it’s better for your health and wallet to take preventive measures.

Recurring coughs and colds may be an effect of an unhealthy, imbalanced immune system, so try investing in Immunomax! Immunomax is an immunomodulator made with pure CM-Glucan, which only costs P16.75 SRP per capsule. One to two capsules a day, along with proper diet and healthy lifestyle, can help keep the sickness away.

Immunomax 10mg CM-Glucan Capsule

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