On Keeping the Balance at Home

Published: 14:39 PM, May 31, 2021

Balance is key when it comes to taking care of our children’s immune system at home. To keep your children’s defense strong against threats these days, it is important to put fun and health together in improving their health.

Do creative physical activities

Exercising can be intimidating even for kids so why not engage them in imaginative play that will make them active without even noticing! A simple playtime with the house dog or some enjoyable dance videos for children can make your child move and sweat.

Hail Hydration

We all know that hydration is good for our overall health but its benefit in improving the immune system is often overlooked. Blood plasma is about 90% water which makes hydration essential in transporting fluid, nutrients, and necessary signals to the organs. Investing in fun, colorful water jugs can make hydration a bit more fun for kids.

Add a dash of being extra to your cooking

Ensuring kids eat their vegetables can be quite a challenge. But with the help of cookie cutters and some creative plating, healthy eating can be happy eating for kids too! Daily servings of balanced meals comprised of vegetables, well-cooked meat, and fruits can help in boosting the immune system of kids (and adults too!).

Make sure they get enough sleep

While having fun is great in keep your children healthy, rest is important too! When we sleep, our immune system produces cytokines that are needed in fighting infections, inflammation, and stress. So, make sure your children get eight (8) hours of sleep every night.

Get help from immunodulators like CM-Glucan.

Immunomodulators help in regulating or balancing the immune system.

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