What is Immunomax

ImmunoMax is an immunomodulator made of pure CM-glucan

Immunomax Boxes

Did you know that immunomodulation is pretty much the foundation of a healthy immunity?

When it comes to your immune cells, balance is key. That means there are no weak cells and no overactive cells. If any of the two instances happen, you develop symptoms. Your immune system’s balancing act is called immunomodulation.

Thankfully, the scientists at Intermed worked hard to innovate a highly-soluble yeast extract called CM-glucan using a Swiss- patented technology. It’s an immunomodulator that updates, regulates and modulates cells in your immune system.

So if you’re concerned about your health, take an immunomodulator. Take ImmunoMax, the immunomodulator made of pure CM-glucan.

Watch this video to find out how ImmunoMax works!