CM-Glucan’s Solubility: It’s Not Magic, It’s Carboxymethylation

Published: 14:18 PM, November 29, 2021

Think of the immune system as if it’s a superhero with special powers that could save us from danger. But just like any superhero, our immune system also needs an efficient sidekick to fight threats and that role goes to Beta-Glucan. Beta-Glucan is an immunomodulator known for helping the body produce more antibodies to fend off harmful invaders such as viruses. However, Beta-Glucan is completely insoluble in water which makes it hard to be absorbed by the body. This is where Carboxymethylation enters the picture.

Carboxymethylation is an intricate Swiss-patented process that makes CM-Glucan – a 100x more absorbable form of Beta Glucan. This process takes place by adding carboxy acid group into the molecules and the sodium from the acid group makes the Beta Glucan water soluble, thus, transforming it into CM-Glucan. Because of the high solubility of CM-Glucan, it greatly improves the way the immune system recognize pathogens and helps our immune cells wash out diseases more aggressively.

Along with proper diet, and exercise, CM-Glucan functions as a helpful natural immunomodulator that aids in the balancing of the immune system. After all, it won’t be monikered “The Better Glucan” for no reasons. Make your immune system strong and balanced now with CM-Glucan!

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