What is CM-glucan Immunomodulator?

Find out how the Pure CM-Glucan from Immunomax works!

Published: 12:19 PM, September 02, 2019

A healthy immune system is a balanced immune system.

An imbalance in the body’s immune system could be the root of many disorders. For people with asthma and allergic rhinitis, the immune system can be overreactive. This means it overdoes the defense strategy, causing unnecessary inflammation and production antibodies that may harm even healthy cells.

Therefore, there is a need to actively “balance” the immune system through a normalization process with help from an immunomodulator.

What are Immunomodulators?

Immunomodulators help calibrate the natural response of our immune system by stimulating it to raise its response when the body is under threat, and suppressing the response to a normal, non-harmful level.

About Beta Glucan

Βeta Glucans are immunomodulators that help make our immune system smarter. They appear to stimulate the entire immune system and boost resistance to various viral, bacterial, protozoan and fungal diseases and promote anti-tumor activity.

Beta Glucans have proven many benefits, not only for helping the immune system, but in combination with specialized medication, may also do a better job in fighting asthma, allergic rhinitis and even cancer.

CM-Glucan: The Better Beta-Glucan

CM-Glucan is derived from Beta-glucan that went through a Swiss patented process which makes it more potent and 100x more absorbable by the body.

Here are the benefits of CM-Glucan:

  • Reduces the frequency and duration of asthma.
  • Alleviates of allergic rhinitis symptoms in as early as 4 weeks, with effects lasting up to 2 weeks.

The Right Immunomax For You

Immunomax is a natural immunomodulator made with Pure CM-Glucan. Together medication prescribed by doctors, it helps reduce severity and recurrence of health conditions caused by an imbalanced immune system.

Immunomax is available in these variants:

  • Immunomax (Made with 10mg CM-Glucan per capsule) Adults with mild colds and asthma
Immunomax 10mg CM-Glucan Capsule
  • Immunomax Forte (Made with 30mg CM-Glucan per capsule) Adults with severe asthma and allergic rhinitis
Immunomax 30mg CM-Glucan Capsule
  • Immunomax Syrup for Kids (Made with 10mg CM-Glucan per 5mL) Kids with mild colds and asthma
  • Immunomax Forte Syrup for Kids (Made with  20mgs CM-Glucan per 5mL) Kids with moderate to severe asthma, primary complex and RTI

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