CM-Glucan, How it Balances Your Immune System

(Manage your Asthma and AR with CM-Glucan)

Published: 19:58 PM, December 16, 2020

Having allergic rhinitis (AR) and asthma come with many struggles, making each day a little bit harder to go through. A body that goes through these conditions indicates an imbalanced immune system—something we don’t want to have in these unprecendented times.  

The immune system of people with asthma and allergic rhinitis are usually overreactive. This means their immune system has unnecessarily react to stimuli like pollen or allergens, causing inflammation and production of antibodies which can be a danger even to healthy cells.

With overreactive immune systems, the solution is all about balance. A balanced immune system means that cells can more accurately determine if triggers are indeed harmful or not, and then react more correctly. This leads to a reduction of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis, and a reduced number of asthma attacks. 

To get a more balanced immune system, look for an immunomodulator made with CM-Glucan. CM-Glucan is a more potent and 100x absorbable immunomodulator extracted from beta-glucan through a Swiss patented process. Together with proper medication prescribed by doctors, taking CM-Glucan can help in reducing the severity and recurrence of health conditions associated with having an imbalanced immune system like asthma and AR.

Immunomax is a food supplement made with pure CM-Glucan. It’s available at leading drug stores in these variants:

  • Immunomax (Made with 10mg CM-Glucan per capsule) Adults with mild colds and asthma
Immunomax 10mg CM-Glucan Capsule
  • Immunomax Forte (Made with 30mg CM-Glucan per capsule) Adults with severe asthma and allergic rhinitis
Immunomax 30mg CM-Glucan Capsule
  • Immunomax Syrup for Kids (Made with 10mg CM-Glucan per 5mL) Kids with mild colds and asthma
  • Immunomax Forte Syrup for Kids (Made with  20mgs CM-Glucan per 5mL) Kids with moderate to severe asthma, primary complex and RTI

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