5 things you need to survive this allergy season

Prevention is the solution. Equip your immune system with CM-glucan ImmunoMax

Published: 19:35 PM, September 04, 2016

In the Philippines, the ber months usually signal the start of allergy season. This is usually caused by changes in the weather, along with the increase of allergens in the environment. If you already suffer from allergic rhinitis, chances are you already have a regimen for alleviating daily symptoms. But when allergens are more prevalent, you could be more prone to attacks. We found 5 quick tips that can help you survive the coming months, and surprisingly, prevention is one of them.

Take an immunomodulator

Take an immunomodulator The reason why you sneeze and itch is because your immune system is overreacting to the allergens. Immunomodulators help bring balance back to your immune system, so that they don’t go berserk when they encounter allergens. In the Philippines, the only known immunomodulator in the market is Immunomax, made with pure CM-Glucan, an immunomodulator derived from baker’s yeast.

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