5 Simple Steps That Can Help with Asthma

Published: 23:03 PM, January 13, 2019
5 Simple Steps That Can Help with Asthma

After seeing your child experience their first asthma attack, you’d do ANYTHING not to let that happen again. Regular meds and treatment are still a must, of course, but you should also support that with preventive steps. The two key things in preventing another attack are: 1) reducing their exposure to asthma triggers, and 2) getting them in perfect shape to fight asthma.

Simple changes to your home environment or daily routine could mean the world of difference. Check out these easy asthma-control steps:

Choose Your FabricsChoose Your Fabrics

Dust mites and other allergens that can aggravate asthma symptoms could be hiding in that cute sweater hanging in their closet or in the blanket they use at night. Switch them out for hypoallergenic fabrics and try to avoid fuzzy fabrics in the future. Make sure to clean their sheets regularly with hot water to rid of dust mites and bacteria. For extra good measure, vacuum your beds, carpets, curtains and other areas of the house where dust could be hiding.
Work it OutWork it Out

Just because they have asthma, doesn’t mean physical activities are off limits. Regular exercise, with proper guidance, can actually help improve your kids’ breathing and overall fitness. Get them into the habit by working out with them! Ask your doctor about safe exercises or sports you can add to your routine.
Clear the AirClear the Air

Sometimes, simple household cleaning isn’t enough. Humid air traps pollutants and allergens, which could set off asthma symptoms. If your kids are sensitive to humidity, try having a dehumidifier in their room so they can breath nice and easy.
Add to Your DietAdd to Your Diet

Maintaining a healthy balanced diet overall is essential for asthmatics, but there are some foods that may help support lung function and help with your kid’s symptoms. Add foods rich in vitamin D (like milk and eggs), beta carotene (like carrots and leafy greens), and magnesium (like spinach) to your every day meals.
Bring Back BalanceBring Back Balance

When your kid’s immune system is imbalanced, it could easily overreact to certain triggers, which causes their asthma symptoms. To help prevent these attacks, try Immunomax Forte Syrup. Give them one half to one teaspoon a day or as prescribed by your doctors.

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