Skip the Allergy Season with a Balanced Immune System

Published: 16:10 PM, July 24, 2023

Feeling constantly under the weather? Sneezing, wheezing, and coughing more often? It could be your allergic rhinitis and asthma being triggered by the rainy days.

Rainy season is allergy season
Our immune system can get overreactive because allergens are more concentrated during this period. Molds and dust mites thrive and multiply in humid conditions, while the heavy downpour causes pollens to break off and disperse quickly, making them easier to be inhaled.

While we don’t have control over the weather, we can control how we want to respond to it. We can stay ahead of the allergy season by having a balanced immune system with Immunomax.

CM-Glucan for a balanced immune system
Immunomax is the only food supplement made with pure CM-Glucan. CM-Glucan is a natural immunomodulator that produces more antibodies than vitamin C and keeps a healthy balance in your immune system. It’s a super ingredient that is proven effective to alleviate allergic rhinitis and asthma attacks.

Don’t let the allergy season rain on your plans and get in the way. Take Immunomax!


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