Don’t Let Your Guard Down: The Importance of Producing Antibodies

Published: 18:00 PM, October 21, 2021

Amidst all the challenges we are facing, experts were able to come up with an aid to provide us protection against recent health threats. But the risks are still here, continuously coming out in different forms. That’s why we shouldn’t let our guard down and continue taking care of our immune system.

When harmful substances are detected, our immune system produces antibodies. Once the antibodies recognize foreign invaders, some eliminate them directly while some help the white blood cells in destroying the threats. This is why the production of antibodies is essential.

To help our immune system produce more of them, we can rely on the help of supplements along with proper diet and exercise. Immunomodulator Beta Glucan can help the body produce more antibodies compared to Vitamin C. Beta Glucan has a water-soluble form called CM- Glucan which went through a Swiss-patented process to make it 100x more absorbable by the body. It also helps keep the immune system balanced.

Help your immune system and keep yourself protected with CM-Glucan.

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